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the process of...

in some far corner of the earth

giant space love



xin nian kuai le

             lantern love

the guide within: a meditation

not the process, but the final product, of my 2013 class banner as an example of custom mural work.

took a weekend,  painted some lake & loons at the cottage.

i wanted to integrate realism and native canadian-inspired stylization as i appreciate the natural beauty of the great canadian lake, as well as connotate native canadian values (and thus art) with a sincere connection to nature.  and cottage time is synonymous with nature-connection time.  after a night of pondering the concept and layout with the help of a small amount of spiced whisky, i got to work.  thanks to mi papa for the scaffolding and the honour/opportunity to paint some large amount of wall, and thanks to philippe for editing the video above!

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