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about me

I am very inspired by cerebral concepts that manifest in a visual way.  I love when art makes me delve deeper into my consciousness and consider ideas that I hadn’t previously considered.  “Intellectual intercourse” is one of my favourite pastimes.  When I can make people think about new ideas by combining visual elements in a new way, I have achieved my goal.

On the other hand, sometimes things are just pretty.  Or touching.  Or have personal relevance for me.  And I feel compelled to portray them through my eyes and my paintbrush.  Sometimes it is just that simple.

In other words, I take inspiration from wherever I can, be it the visual masterpieces in this world, the breadth of human emotion, or the bustling thoughts in my mind.

My favourite works tend to combine realistic figures in unrealistic contexts.  From a young age, I realized that I wasn't half bad at mimicking reality with a paintbrush, so I suppose that quality in my works remained, while my artistic interests forayed from the purely realistic to the more obscure realms.

Acrylic paints are my preferred medium as I am messy enough with acrylic- if I used oil frequently, it would be complete chaos.  I have experimented with many other mediums- pastels, pen and ink, welding, clay, woodworking, etc.- and while they surely have their merits, and I love working with them, I enjoy the simplicity of acrylic paints.

I am a Naturopathic Doctor practicing at clinics in both Toronto and Uxbridge, you can find much more information on my website.  I travelled extensively for almost two years, during which time my form of expression turned more to photography and writing.  Art is a very important part of my life and I plan to continue expressing myself in this way as long as the world will allow it.

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